Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spring Babies Bigger!!

All the spring babies have gotten so much bigger! The tiny little puppies are already 10 weeks old, the chickens and ducks look like a giant yard of chickens and ducks instead of a yard of chicken nuggents for hawks.

And yes, that one on the far side, it is a sheep. 

George is still doing well. We've moved him to the Rabbitry for now until we can figure out how to help him get around better (if that's possible). But with him out there, he gets a morning jaunt out in the grass every day when I clean his cage and refill his food and water. He can't walk along for more than about an hour, but he seems to enjoy it.

Happily, my 1 handed typing has somewhat (and occasionally) returned to 2 handed typing. And the peasants rejoiced! Hopefully, this may mean I can update more frequently than once every 3-4 months.

These are 2 of our 2 Flemish Giant babies! These are from the first litter we had ever with Hugo and Bernadette. If we don't sell them, then yes, they will be snackums.

The Girl and her doggie Rupert.
My Magpie boy.

My pretty girl.

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