Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spring Babies Bigger!!

All the spring babies have gotten so much bigger! The tiny little puppies are already 10 weeks old, the chickens and ducks look like a giant yard of chickens and ducks instead of a yard of chicken nuggents for hawks.

And yes, that one on the far side, it is a sheep. 

George is still doing well. We've moved him to the Rabbitry for now until we can figure out how to help him get around better (if that's possible). But with him out there, he gets a morning jaunt out in the grass every day when I clean his cage and refill his food and water. He can't walk along for more than about an hour, but he seems to enjoy it.

Happily, my 1 handed typing has somewhat (and occasionally) returned to 2 handed typing. And the peasants rejoiced! Hopefully, this may mean I can update more frequently than once every 3-4 months.

These are 2 of our 2 Flemish Giant babies! These are from the first litter we had ever with Hugo and Bernadette. If we don't sell them, then yes, they will be snackums.

The Girl and her doggie Rupert.
My Magpie boy.

My pretty girl.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Babies! Babies and MORE Babies!

We have been VERY busy here. Monroe had her puppies just under 2 weeks ago!  

She had 7 puppies: 5 by "normal" means and 2 by C-section. It was a exceptionally long day. We spent 7  -1/2 hours at the vet. Our vet is FANTASTIC. She stayed and waited and just watched until 11 pm before deciding that a C-section was needed.  We got home about 12:30 (with 2 exhausted kids, a stapled and stitched up dog, and a basket of just born puppies) to find that Adams ( the male Great Pyrenees) had opened the door and the goat and sheep were inside eating pudding cups and snack bars and drinking juice boxes.  I about had a stroke.
Everything was fantastic for about a week. We took Monroe to get her staples out and she was getting red and hot and swollen around the teat area. The next day, she pulled away from the babies. She was very hot and red sooo to the vet we went. She has mastitis. We started with a conservative treatment so the puppies could remain fully with her. We did start supplementing just the runt (Runt-y). 4 ish days later is was obvious she was even worse and then we started her on daily antibiotic shots and anti-inflammatory pills. I think that gets us to now. The puppies are 10 days old now.

We had been saying that we weren't keeping any. Well. I know, I know. We are now. Morely, I am.

This girl!  I'm going to train her as my service dog. I've been told that "I need to accept that perhaps this is as good as its going to get" in regards to my hand. She has a great disposition, a calmness. 

I wish this had worked out how we wanted it to, but for now we're having to supplement all the babies.

The baby goats are growing a bit bigger. We finalized their names (probably).

The brownish one is G Rabbit and the other is Trouble. Both are growing well and doing just like they should be. Turns out, Trouble is appropriately named. Adams is taking fantastic care of these two while we've had to move Monroe inside while she heals.

We've also managed our first successful breeding of  our 2 Full Flemish Giants. 

I need to take new pictures, they've opened their eyes and are fully furred now!

We also have 2 rescue kittens in the rabbit barn! Ms. Kitty died from some odd virus (or so we think) but this rescue group had too many.


It is a boatload of preciousness pretty much 24/7.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Delays for Babies!!

Its been a long time since I posted. I keep thinking "As soon as.." or "I will once we do..." So. Here:

How about some super cute day old baby goats?? We've told the children that they are *twins*. They are. Technically. Twin girls. They would also, technically, be triplet girls. The labor was very, very hard for poor goatie. She had a VERY bad time and ended up with the first one stuck. Very stuck. My friend came over (where would we be without you my goat lady friend??) and she TRIED. But this baby was STUCK, so at about 10:30 off to the goat vet they take her and they unstuck baby 1. Unfortunately, it had already passed on by then. They did manage to save these other 2!!  So, the children do not know about the first one, just these 2.

These 2 girls are about 1 day old. They were born on the Boy's birthday!! We have yet to come up with any suitable names.


This is Spot! Our new ewe! Right?? Say that 10 times fast.. She is a hair lamb (vs a wool/fiber one) and doesn't need sheering. She was rejected by her Mum and needed bottle fed and here at Misfit Land - of course we'd be happy to help. She's adorable and sweet as can be. I  dare might imply, she's sweeter than Lambie was at that age.. We'll see. It'll be easier judge once she's a little older.


We got our big spring order of Pekin (the yellowy ducks) and Cayuga ducklings in!

I had a big 'ol hand/wrist/elbow surgery in February and I've just started rehab. I'm still typing 1 handed.  Doing most things with 1 hand reliably anyhow.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Posting has been a little slow lately - I tore a tendon in my left wrist when one of our guineas got out and I can only type 1 handed. I keep hoping it's going to magically get better, but it hasn't improved in the last month at all. So 1 handed it is.

We hand a misfortune hatch of a duck, George. His legs are backwards and so are his feet. We keep promising ourselves we'll do the humane thing if he can't act duck-like anymore, but so far he's doing good!

We like us some George.

Fuzzy watching George
We've also decided to refine the bunny program a little bit. Instead of Netherland Dwarfs and meat rabbits - have Netherland Dwarfs and Flemish. We've already gotten our doe. She's gorgeous! And super friendly, she sticks her little nose up to be petted. We're going to try to go this weekend to pick up a new Flemish buck, but then we'll get rid of all the meat bunnies. It's been a year and still none of us has any want or desire to eat a bunny. It seems like a bad reason to raise them. People love those Netherland Dwarfs though. Those sell fast!

The Flemish Doe

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Farm, Farm, Farmity, Farm...

White Rabbit had babies! 11 babies!! Grey Rabbit had 2.. Grey rabbit's (she was pretty mad today so I didn't do this yet..) babies look like they are going to have pretty awesome coloring! We paired her with Domino this time and there was what looked like a white baby with a few black spots and then another that was not solid colored.

White Rabbit had a few solid dark colored, a few whites, and a few of the awesome looking mottled ones. The Boy counted the bunnies today and figured out that with the babies - we have like either 23 or 25 rabbits now. Compared to 1 year ago we just had the 2 Netherland Dwarf males that I got for free because the lady was done with them and wasn't taking care of them.. That's a lot of bunnies.

Our chicks from our last hatch are doing really well. So far we've only lost 1 of the ones that actually hatched out - and that was due to a very unfortunate drowning accident (fell into the giant big chicken watering bucket and couldn't get out). They're starting to feather some, but the hens are super protective of them.

 This guy is clearly a rooster - and he's only a few weeks old and we can already tell.

 These little ones still have quite a bit of fluff!

This is one of the girl Orpingtons we hatched out from the hatch directly before this last hatch. They are feathering out very nicely. The 2 (the rooster and one of the hens) that had 1 eye each blinded are actually starting to heal and open up a little.  I have to admit I really do like the Orpington temperament a lot. It's very calm, laid back. We can all just go pick them up, pet them, hold them easily. Where as with the dark Cornish we kind of have to chase them down a little and certainly wouldn't want to hold them.

This is the other little Orpington hen we hatched out hatch before last. 

This is the scene from the chicken yard today. It's starting to be fall. This will be the first fall in our house and the kids are somewhat fascinated with how fast the trees are changing colors. I must admit I am *not* looking forward to tending animals in cold, wet, nasty weather. Mostly because I can barely walk some days as it is, it just gets worse in the cold wet. eh. It'll just get warm and then hot again. Stinkin' seasons.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wickedly Warped Wednesday..

Well, we had a hatch. I have to admit I'm somewhat disappointed with the outcome, even though it IS better than the last attempts and we did increase the variables. So, a success in that aspect - but I had higher hopes for it.

We started off with 16 duck eggs and 14 chicken egg (our eggs for the first time). We refrigerated them for 7 days at 55 degrees with no rotation while in refrigeration. We culled 3 chicken eggs because non-viablity at candling at various times. Of the chicken, we had 5 hatch with 1 dying because one of the big chickens umm.. well.. Pecked it's head open. Of the ducks, we had a higher viability rate - only 1 was culled. We only had 5 hatch. All 5 had to be helped hatching though, as they couldn't get out of the shell on their own. There are 2 that have 1 sided blindness. (The same thing happened to the Buff Orpingtons we hatched out last time. We don't know what's happening. We suspect the flies are biting their eye, but I put fly netting over them so it would be a super sneaky fly and the ducks don't have the little pecky beaks like little chicks. I'm going to have to research this more because this is the second batch of hatch outs we've had with this problem.)

Conversely, we gave Matilda - one of our Dark Cornish hens 6 random eggs just as we were collecting them to sit on and she hatched them with with a 100% success rate. We also gave someone else 24 chicken eggs out of this same refrigerated batch and they had to cull 1 and had a success rate of 16/23.  I think I am most disappointed about the ducks. I was hoping for more of those to hatch out cause they are so darned cute. I kind of wanted a little army of them.

 This is the only light colored one of the bunch. It's also one of the one sided blind ones. It's laying in the warm spot taking a nap.

This little guy has figured out how to take a little bath in the water. The water is right in the warm spot too, just so they won't get to cold until they get their little feathers all grown in. 

For our fall breeding we also have 2 does (bunnies) due soon too! Our little grey bunny and White rabbit are both due to have their second litters one Monday the (28th). For a short period of time, we're going to have 3 litters of babies with their mommies. We planned it this way - sort of. We poorly planned Black Bunny's litter. But. We wanted to have litters available for pets and food the right size near Christmas, and in order for THAT to happen we needed them to be born.. nowish. See, I can plan. Sort of. 

Black Rabbit has had a litter of 6. She turned out to be our 1 animal so far that is a horrible, miserable mother and the second day - 3 of the 6 died. For the first 10 days we would have to go and keep checking to make sure the remaining 3 were warm (as they were frequently out of the nesting box and super cold) and put them with her for her to feed. Now the 3 babies are 3 weeks old and usually way too young to be eating or away from her - have started eating hay and pellets and lettuce. 

They are HUGE. Well over a pound already. They are our biggest babies by far. This little guy has the best coloring EVER - it's a mottled brown/red with grey. He has the same dad and Dopey. I can't WAIT to breed Dopey and see what he has. But, since this Black Doe is such a horrid mom, we're going to give her one more try once these 3 are fully weaned and see if she's figured it out. Otherwise, we'll have to sell her and pick up another doe. We can't even use any of THESE babies to replace her - as they'd most likely be bad too.

We're also getting a new - GIANT - barn built! We need the extra room in the house, so we're going to move the stuff that's in the *shed* now into the new barn and make the *shed* into the full fledged rabbitry! It's pretty big so it'll be for storing the animal foods (and the big extra freezer and fridge) and bunnies! The new barn will be for big animals when it's cold - the goats and dogs - and the lawn mowers, wood, tools, stuff that normally goes in a garage. Then we'll transform the garage into a MIL suite type thing for my mother. It's already got a little sink out there and eventually put a little bathroom out there. It already has it's own entrance, and we can make a little cabinet, microwave, mini-fridge area for her. The barn should be built by the end of next week! Then we can move the kids into their own rooms. Hopefully, they'll sleep better - at least maybe they'll stop - heck it probably won't stop or change anything. They probably won't be able to sleep for the first 2 weeks because they're *afraid* to be alone..

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sad News

Unfortunately, Black Momma didn't do a very good job with her babies. 3 of her 6 didn't make it past the second day :( The 2 white and one of the mottled ones are no longer viable in the nesting box. We don't know if it's because this is her first litter, she didn't pull hair until too late and they got cold, she sat on them. We just don't know.

The remaining 3 are very fat and are starting to get their fuzzy. We're checking them daily now to make sure everyone is still doing ok.